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Winter Herbs and Spices - Less is More

In Asian medicine we focus a lot on keeping the Spleen and Stomach (our digestive center) warm to support metabolism, immunity, and our overall digestive function. This is particularly important during the colder months.

Some of our go-to herbs and spices during Winter include:

  • Black pepper - promotes circulation, supports digestion and immunity, and stops pain.

  • Cardamom - can lower blood pressure, is an anti-inflammatory, supports digestion, calms the stomach/stops nausea, is antibacterial, and supports Liver health.

  • Coriander seed - is warming, calms the Stomach/stops nausea, supports digestion and metabolism, and builds Qi.

  • Fennel seed - supports digestion and calms the Stomach.

  • Cinnamon - promotes circulation, is an anti-inflammatory, systemically warming - great for cold hands and feet.

  • Chives and green onion - warms and calms the Stomach, promotes circulation.

  • Ginger - promotes circulation, calms the Stomach/relieves nausea, supports digestion, is an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and can regulate blood sugar.

  • Garlic - supports immunity and can reduce the severity of colds and flus, supports heart health as it can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, and promotes circulation.

But Beware!

Something to remember with herbs and food therapy: generally, less is more. In my experience, a small amount of any of the above herbs and spices can go a long way and over-doing any one of them can create digestive upset.

Picture showing colorful, dried herbs and spices.

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